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GallerySprout – Connecting Artists & Galleries

By Matt Sullivan + January 24th, 2013

As Amherst, NH based artist Peter Batchelder started to have more of his paintings displayed in galleries throughout New England, he began to see a common problem. Whether it was the white wall art outposts of Boston or the seasonal galleries of the Cape, Batchelder realized that many gallery owners and artists lacked an easy way to display their current work on the web. From this inspiration, GallerySprout was born.

The Hardest 26.2

By Matt Sullivan + December 3rd, 2012

In my mind, one of the best examples of a true runner is Teresa Robinson. From her NH Runner articles in the Union Leader, or her personal running blog, Teresa is a very recognizable face of running in NH. This is the her hardest 26.2.

A Slice of New Hampshire

By Matt Sullivan + December 30th, 2011

Whether it’s deep dish, thin crust, gourmet, or Greek, A Slice of New Hampshire are doing the dirty work for us: exploring the Granite State in order to compile the ultimate pizza resource.

Midnight Brunch

By Matt Sullivan + December 27th, 2011

Midnight Brunch is a pop-up culinary experience featuring ethnic-inspired food and craft cocktails.


By Matt Sullivan + August 12th, 2011

Every Thursday night on New Hampshire ESPN Radio affiliate WGAM (1250 AM Manchester/900 AM Nashua), Josh Nason and PJ Huot host the WGAM MMA Show, an hour-long broadcast about everything in MMA (think UFC), both national and local.

Project MHT

By Matt Sullivan + July 29th, 2011

It should make sense that on a site devoted to the awesome projects happening in Manchester, the first project listed is the site itself. Project MHT is the brain child of Matt Sullivan. The original vision of Project MHT was as Micro-MHT, which was meant to be a site for users to submit a request […]

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